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Meta Reality Labs

Senior Product Design Prototyper


I worked as a Product Design Prototyper within the XR Insights team for Meta Reality Labs. My team's projects were centered around advancing Mixed Reality technologies in next-gen consumer VR headsets.

My work was focused on designing and developing prototypes in Unity and Figma for new Mixed Reality features including Shared Anchors, Guardian, and Shared Session. These prototypes helped inform user studies and ultimately helped drive direction for the XR org.

Shared Spatial Anchors

Supported the development of Shared Spatial Anchors. Created the shared spatial anchor sample app - which is now available on the oculus-samples Github.


Colocation User Experience and Product Development

Worked closely with a multi-disciplinary team of user researchers, designers, engineers, and product managers to design and develop prototypes to study and refine the user experience of colocation (aka Local Multiplayer) in VR. These prototypes were also demoed to top leadership, and ultimately helped direct Meta's strategy regarding Local Multiplayer.

Mixed Reality SDK Developer Usability

Worked with a cross-functional team to measure the rate of developer success in using our Mixed Reality SDK in Unity. Helped improve documentation and samples.

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