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Sanguo: Three Kingdoms

Sanguo: Three Kingdoms is a strategy board game for 3-6 players centered around the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" period of ancient China (you might be familiar with Dynasty Warriors). Lead one of 6 factions vying for power at the fall of the Han dynasty. Command legendary heroes from history, wield devastating stratagems, and forge an empire that can stand the test of time. The gameplay is inspired by "Game of Thrones: The Board Game", and also plays similarly to Diplomacy, and Risk. Game time is roughly 3 hours.

I'm currently the sole creator working on this board game. "Game of Thrones: The Board Game" is one of my favorite board games, and I wanted to take its gameplay to a new setting that I think would be perfect for it. Sanguo is designed in Figma, with art assets generated through Midjourney. I am interested in working with an artist to replace the Midjourney assets though (Midjourney does not generate historically accurate clothes and armor), so please reach out if this is something you'd be interested in partnering on.

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