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Lead Content Engineer


Meta (not to be confused with Facebook's Meta) was a startup focused on developing next generation augmented reality headsets with physical hand interactions, and high definition displays.


I served as the lead content engineer there, managing the prototyping team. We built prototypes and proof of concepts for investors, customers, and conferences.

"Journey to the Center of the Natural Machine" presented at Sundance Film Festival

Served as the technical director, working closely with the creative directors in building a colocated AR narrative experience. I led a team of engineers and artists to create the showpiece, developing many new techniques along the way. The experience was networked using Photon Unity networking and used Vuforia fiducial markers to help initialize colocation.

Colocated Collaborative Workspace

This prototype explored an office productivity usecase for AR. It featured colocated multiplayer, which allowed multiple users to gather around the same table with their headsets, and manipulate 3D objects together. I created a 3D CAD model viewer and also integrated a secondary interaction system using a mobile phone.

Spatial UI System

Prototype I created for an AR map/navigation application using the Mapbox API.

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